Grants for Clean Technology Guidebook
What happens after I apply for a clean tech grant?

This chapter will cover all the information you need to know once you’ve submitted a CleanTech grant application.

Executive Summary

  • The time it takes for your application to be processed and approved will depend on the sort of grant you are applying for. 
  • Don’t get nervous if the awarding program reaches out for clarification on your application.
  • Keep in mind the start date of your project, as you may still be able to claim for expenses incurred back to this day even if the project is approved later on.

You’ve done the research to find a program, prepared a new project, and written an application for a clean tech grant! Congratulations, completing an application is no small feat. But now you might be wondering what happens next. It’s important not to forget about your application as there are a few key things to keep in mind while you’re waiting for a decision.

This chapter will cover all the information you need to know once you’ve submitted a CleanTech grant application. 

Waiting Period

CleanTech grant programs are often quite different in scope, form, and structure, meaning that the time it takes to get a decision will vary greatly. 

In our experience, CleanTech-specific hiring and training grants can take about 4 – 5 weeks for an approval to come through. Although most will come within a month, we have seen these applications get approved as soon as one week after they’re submitted. 

CleanTech market expansion programs are a bit different. Many of these programs accept applications for major projects, and approved funding can climb into the hundreds of thousands – even millions. Due to the larger scale of these projects and the anticipated impact they have on the surrounding community, the adjudication process can take much longer. Don’t be surprised if it takes more than 3 months to get a decision on an application. 

Contact from the Program

For CleanTech grants that have a number of variables and complex pieces, it is common for the program to reach out for some clarification during the adjudication phase. Don’t worry about this! It’s routine for CleanTech grant applications and it just means that the program needs a few more details about your project or the structure of your business before it can offer an appropriate decision. If anything, this is good news because it means they are actively reviewing your project and you might get a decision soon. 

The type of clarification that a program might need varies depending on the type and scale of the grant. Many CleanTech programs require applicants to submit carbon emissions calculations for their business based on pre and post project estimations. This can be a difficult calculation, especially for companies that are new to the CleanTech space, and adjudicators often reach out to ask for backup information that confirms the numbers submitted. 

The program may also ask for you to clarify certain aspects of the project and to offer more information about why you selected a specific target market, the activities, or how the project will contribute to your greater business development.  

Remember that contact from the program about your application should not be discouraging news; rather, it means you’re being seriously considered. Make sure to respond as quickly as possible to remain in good standing with the program and keep your chances for approval. At Granted, our CleanTech consultants are always ready to navigate and communicate with the program and support you with all the backup information needed in the event that a program reaches out. 


After you’ve submitted your application, make sure to keep in mind the date that you’ve scheduled for your project to begin. In many cases–especially with large-scale market expansion or sustainable practice projects–because it takes so long to get a decision from the program, your project start date may be backdated. This means that if you are approved after your project was scheduled to start, you may be able to claim funding for expenses incurred from your proposed start date. In this case, it is important to keep track of all expenses and receipts that are relevant to your project so you can get reimbursed.

Next Chapter – What happens when I’m approved for a CleanTech grant?

This chapter will inform you how to get the most out of your approved CleanTech funding and how to conduct the post-approval process with ease and efficiency, all the while staying in good standing with the program.

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