Strategies for Businesses to Enhance Veteran Employment Opportunities

In recognition of Remembrance Day, businesses across sectors took a moment to reflect on the monumental sacrifices made by veterans. Beyond commemorative gestures, there lies a profound opportunity for companies to integrate these experienced individuals into the workforce, enhancing veteran employment opportunities. 

We will explore how veterans can capitalize on hiring and training grants, specifically with our Get Granted Platform, our user-friendly grant portal for identifying and accessing the most suitable grant programs for your business needs. By leveraging these grants, companies can offset costs associated with hiring and training, creating a win-win scenario that acknowledges the invaluable skills veterans bring to the table, while also bolstering the workforce with disciplined, leadership-oriented individuals.

Explore Grants for Veterans

Employers who are devoted to recruiting veterans can take advantage of a range of resources and funding alternatives if they meet the eligibility requirements. These efforts are intended to aid in the reintegration of these skilled workers into the labour field, benefiting both your company and the veterans you employ.

To strategically grow your workforce, tap into current hiring trends and align your recruitment efforts with government incentives, especially for veterans. This approach not only supports their transition to civilian work but also enriches your team with disciplined, skilled, and dedicated individuals.

Veterans often face a knowledge gap when they return from deployment, finding themselves out of step with the current workforce requirements. Thankfully, training grants are available to help bridge this gap, equipping veterans with the necessary skills to secure competitive employment. 

Below are the recently added training grants that are available for veterans:

  1. Workplace Accessibility Grant: Businesses that qualify can ask for money to help make their workspaces more accessible and remove obstacles that make it hard for people with disabilities to work there. By doing this, we are also helping veterans who might be dealing with disabilities, ensuring they have a fair chance to work and succeed in these businesses.
  2.  B.C. Employer Training Grant: Aiming to foster workforce development through skills training for current and potential new hires. This program is intricately designed to address the evolving demands of the labour market in British Columbia, ensuring that the workforce remains agile and well-equipped to meet new challenges. 
  3. Prince’s Trust Canada : Gain the training, tools, and support you need to boost your confidence and develop an entrepreneurial mindset, while also creating new connections.

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