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Customer Success
How Granted Helped DeBrand Get $123,000+ in Grant Funding

Executive Summary

  • DeBrand faced difficulties in identifying and securing grants that aligned with their business objectives.
  • Granted’s “Boutique Grant Service” expertly guided DeBrand through the grant identification, application, and post-approval processes.
  • With Granted’s assistance, DeBrand successfully secured over $123,252 in grant funding to further their mission.

About DeBrand

Founded in 2008 by Amelia Eleiter and Wes Baker in Sri Lanka, DeBrand was inspired by the sight of branded waste in pristine waters. On returning to Canada, they identified a market gap where brands discarded valuable products due to inefficient logistics. With a mission to maximize the value from the world’s finite resources, DeBrand became a leader in apparel reverse logistics, serving top North American apparel retailers.

The Challenge

While DeBrand was making significant strides in their industry, they faced challenges in finding grants that aligned with their business objectives. The world of grants can be intricate, and navigating it requires expertise.

How Granted Helped

Enter Granted. DeBrand decided to subscribe to Granted’s Boutique Grant Service, a comprehensive solution designed to help businesses identify eligible grants, apply for them, and assist in the post-approval process. With Granted’s expertise, DeBrand was not only able to identify grants that fit their business model but also successfully secure them. The collaboration proved fruitful.


To date, with the assistance of Granted, DeBrand has received over $123,252 in grant funding. This financial boost has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in furthering DeBrand’s mission and expanding their reach.

“Granted is highly knowledgeable and exceptionally organized. With the significant number of fundings we have, it’s incredibly beneficial to have Granted keep track of all the various fundings for us.”

Simone Maack

Executive Assistant

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