Training Grants


Companies that can efficiently adapt to changing market conditions and technologies are more likely to succeed

Training Grants

Skilled and quality employees are essential to the strength and growth of any business.

There are a variety of both federal and provincial training grants that businesses can use to enhance the skills of their employees. Having essential training funded means your company can increase efficiency and stay ahead of the competition.

Our experienced consultants have helped companies secure millions of dollars in training grants. We mainly work with businesses that:

  • Are registered for at least one year
  • Have training budgets
  • Provide opportunities for staff to receive structured external training
  • Believe in continuous learning that improves staff skills relevant to their current role or future job opportunities


Investing in employees not only helps strengthen but also retain high performing staff. There are training grants that help employers provide in-demand skills to employees either through third-party trainers like post-secondary institutions, private trainers, and industry associations.

Training grants for Canadian businesses can be used to help pay for some of these costs:

  • Tuition fees
  • Mandatory student fees
  • Textbooks, software and other required training materials
  • Examination fees

Training programs and sessions can be in a classroom, at the workplace or online. Some of the types of training  people are receiving through employee training grants include:

Management skills training

Effective leadership and management plays a key role in taking companies to the next level and meeting key business objectives. Providing training to staff to enhance their skills in strategic planning, motivating, evaluating and supervising can result in significant returns. Investing in the right training programs can have a ripple effect on the entire business.

Technical skills training

These types of training grants can support employers who want to train their staff to complete work more efficiently. Technical skills training can include how to operate a piece of machinery or how to use specific software applications to complete work more efficiently. In response to technical advancements, technical training grants also help companies who want to keep up with software systems and equipment to compete effectively at a global level.

Soft skills training

These types of grants provide any soft skills training that aligns with a company’s business needs, including leadership. These types of training sessions are especially useful for businesses who want to improve their corporate culture, mindfulness in the workplace and communication skills.

Essential skills training

Essential skills including English, computer literacy, and required certifications are often highly supported with grant funding. These training opportunities greatly enhance core employment skills that are expected by employers in any sector and would enable staff to grow in their role.


Training Grant Specialists

Our experienced grant consultants help you save time and money by managing the full grant application process. With Granted on your side, you no longer have to manually check for employee training grants, spend endless hours finding supporting documents and checking all of the requirements. These programs are known to change quickly and keeping up with new requirements can be a huge challenge for businesses.

Once our team has done thorough consultation with your company, we will identify all of the training grants you are eligible for and take care of the applications. After submitting thousands of successful grant applications, our specialists are comprehensively familiar with what the government is looking for. Our team will craft a high quality application that includes a clear budget, detailed plans and reporting system.

All awarded grants require some kind of report on progress, whether it is monthly, at set dates or when the project has been completed. We guide companies on how to properly set up a data collection and reporting system that complies with the grant’s requirements.

To receive business grants from the Canadian government, it’s important to have good financial performance that is demonstrated by a current balance sheet. Our team will work with you to ensure enough financial information is provided for applications.

An effective grant application is not just about describing a plan and budget. We always tell a compelling story about a project and how it will have an impact on technological advancements, productivity or employment opportunities


Who We Serve

At Granted Consulting, we work with companies that are seeking employee training grants and meet the following criteria:

Have at least 5 full-time employees

Have annual revenues of $500,000+

Planning to hire or train their full-time employees

Expanding their products/services outside of Canada


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