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Customer Success
How Granted Helped Get $40,000+ in Grant Funding

Executive Summary

  • A cosmetic and skincare business required financial assistance to recruit more employees and uphold their quality of patient care.
  • Granted provided professional guidance in locating and applying for employment grants, facilitating an efficient procedure throughout.
  • The business effectively obtained over $40,000 in grant funding in under three months, allowing them to enlarge their staff and persist in providing top-notch services to their clientele.

About the Company

A cosmetic and skincare clinic in Metro Vancouver is dedicated to delivering exceptional services, specializing in non-invasive treatments that minimize recovery time and discomfort while providing prompt results. They offer a broad spectrum of services using advanced technologies and premium products to address aging signs and various skin issues. The clinic’s team of highly skilled and certified medical experts is committed to maintaining the utmost safety standards and offering tailored care, aiming to assist clients in achieving a radiant and healthy skin appearance.


Dr. J.Z. was in need of additional staff to continue providing top-notch services and maintain their high standards of patient care. However, they faced challenges in securing the necessary funding given their lean organization and did not have the time to apply for wage subsidies to help support their hiring initiatives. This is where Granted’s expertise came into play.

How Granted Helped

The cosmetic and skincare clinic enlisted the services of Granted’s Boutique Grant Service, seeking aid in identifying and applying for hiring grants. Granted offered customized support at every stage, including locating eligible grants, aiding in the application process, and facilitating a seamless procedure following grant approval.


With the help of Granted, the company successfully secured over $44,400 in grant funding. This financial support has been instrumental in allowing them to expand their team, ensuring they can continue to provide exceptional care and services to their clients.

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