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Quick Tips: Strategies for Securing Grant Funding

Our 10+ years of experience have taught us a lot about how to secure grant funding for small and medium businesses in Canada. We believe in spreading the wealth, and are sharing our top 5 grant application strategies that you can use immediately! Let’s take a look. 

It’s important to plan your business objectives before you start looking for grant funding. This way, you can look for grants that support your business goals rather than changing your strategy to fit grant criteria.

While the prospect of a $100,000 grant can be exciting, you should always consider whether it’s the right time for your organization to take on a large project. Setting the right expectation internally can help you avoid applying for programs that are outside of your current scope.

It can be dizzying to apply for grants, especially if you’ve never done it before. Most programs have applicant guides and resources available to help guide applicants. Be sure to read through the resources carefully so you can prepare the best application possible.

The work doesn’t end with your approval. All grant programs have reporting requirements that vary depending on the grant type. To ensure you stay in good standing with the grantor, be sure to read through your funding agreements and meet your deadlines.

Remember: a rejection doesn’t mean you’ll never be approved. It’s a good idea to reach out to a program advisor for feedback after an unsuccessful grant application. You may be able to appeal the funding decision, and even if you can’t, the conversation will leave you feeling more prepared for your next application.

Feeling lost in the grant process? Not to worry! GetGranted is updated weekly with grant-specific processes and best practices so you can spend more time planning your business’ next move. 

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